As the vaccine rollout continues, federal contractors across the country begin a new year that promises a return to some sort of normalcy. But what will this new normal look like? The COVID-19 pandemic that defined 2020 may be beginning to make its way out. But it leaves behind lasting trends that, when combined to our already rapidly evolving industry, promise big changes for the year ahead.

Here are several trends that contractors should be aware of so they can set themselves up for success in 2021.

A Big Year for Small Business

This year will see contracts awarded with an increased emphasis on HUBZones, minority-owned small businesses, women-owned small businesses and other historically underutilized categories. Contractors who fall into these categories should prepare themselves for a potentially very busy year.


Technology at the forefront (even more so)

Employee health and safety is the leading trend for 2021. Often times, keeping workers safe means continuing to limit the amount of time employees spend around each other. For contractors that depend on communication and collaboration to ensure that specifications are met and mistakes are corrected, this poses a challenge. To compensate, contractors will continue to implement technological solutions that ease the challenges created by remote work arrangements. Technology that can help automate processes and remove human error will be essential.


Remote Work Drives Competition

Remote work has proven itself much more than just a passing trend. The increased adoption of remote work arrangements also means that contractors can draw on a greater pool of employees from across the country. Contractors based in expensive areas may begin recruiting from regions with a lower cost of living, driving down payroll expenses and allowing for more competitive pricing.


To prepare for a year of change, with increased throughput processed by a remote workforce, coupled with a highly competitive environment, contractors should shore up their internal processes wherever possible. To learn more about how Odyssey can help your business add efficiency to its DoD processes, contact us.