For a small business, there are various methods to grow and scale revenue, but being awarded a Department of Defense contract can alter the company’s trajectory and incur rapid growth. Landing a contract with the DoD can be not only profitable but secure a stable influx of orders for years to come.

However, due to complexities in government contracting methods, navigating the various systems and creating a repeatable routine without incurring significant overhead can be tricky. Couple this information with the fact that even the smallest human error on a form to the government can cause shipments to be delayed or refused, or payments for those shipments to be delayed from the DoD – something a small business would feel the effects of when they need the payment to be made quickly to put back to use.

Due to the government’s desire for transparency with spending, the DoD posts all their recently awarded contract information online. In this article, we’ll look at some of the contracts recently awarded to small businesses in July 2022.

Conrad Shipyard LLC, a small maritime manufacturer in Morgan City, Louisiana with under 500 employees, was awarded a firm-fixed-price modification to a previously awarded contract for nearly $35 million. This contract’s scope is for the detailed design and construction of various shipyard construction projects to be performed in Amelia, Louisiana.

Threat Tec – Yorktown Systems Group JB LLC, a threat emulation/wargaming company in Hampton, Virginia with around 100 employees, was also awarded a modification to a previously awarded contract for more than $32 million. The scope of this contract is for core functions and support services to be performed at Fort Eustis, Virginia.

Finally, North Star Scientific Corp., a defense electronics company in Kapolei, Hawaii with around 50 employees, was awarded a firm-fixed-price order for over $14 million. This order is to provide and install various electronic systems to outfit and modernize an aging fleet of early detection aircraft used by the U.S. Navy, with work to be performed in Kapolei, Hawaii, and Carlsbad, California.

As you can see, landing a DoD contract can be a lucrative endeavor, but it’s not without pitfalls. To ensure that you’re spending your time efficiently and profitably, research the right tools, such as Odyssey’s specially designed cloud-based platform, that are made to help companies more quickly and effectively navigate the competitive DoD landscape.

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