As the initial COVID-19 outbreak shockwaves that rippled through the economy for the majority of this year come to an end, employees return to the workplace, and life tries to return to some semblance of normalcy, contractors might find that the business landscape looks quite different from how they may remember it. While cutting costs and running a tight ship have always been wise practices for business owners, nowadays, these principles are next to mandatory for those wishing to remain in competition.

Shifting Strategies

As companies adjust to the new landscape, and the total amount of new business to be won grows smaller, there is a trend many are following of shifting their revenue strategies from growth through recent business acquisition to focusing on winning business from competitors. As companies prepare for this upcoming period of intense competition, they naturally seek to adjust their operations and tighten their belts.

The trend goes hand-in-hand with an emerging shift toward automation. While long in the works, this digital transformation has rapidly accelerated over the past few months due to growing concerns and uncertainty about the global supply chain. Companies need to continue their technological evolution, now more than ever, to maintain their competitive edge. However, an inability to raise prices to cover these costs leaves many looking to cut added expenses wherever possible.

How Odyssey Can Help

It is times like these that DoD contractors need to focus on their internal work processes. Eliminating inefficiencies and simple mistakes that could end up costing big time in delayed payments, fees, and even refused shipments is essential.

Odyssey is an efficiency tool designed specifically for DoD contractors. It is designed to work alongside your team, not replace them, removing human error, and giving your business a competitive advantage over the competition.

To learn more about how Odyssey can help your business add efficiency to its DoD processes, contact us.