Landing a contract with the Department of Defense can be a game changer, especially for a growing company. It’s hard to imagine a more stable demand for your business than supplying our nation’s service members. But there are many details to learn when doing business with the DoD in order to meet its stringent requirements and ensure the profitability of your work.

Successfully completing contract work for the DoD requires a massive amount of data tracking and entry. Unfortunately, many growing companies make the mistake of depending on manual processes to track and enter this data. The result is often an increase of hours required to complete projects, as well as shipment and reimbursement delays that impact your profitability.

Today, we’ll review the top three reasons why manual data entry is holding back your business.

Human Error

To err is human. It’s simply impossible for manual data entry to produce the same amount of accuracy as an automated process. While no process is completely without mistakes, industry experts report that automated processes will produce accuracy rates of over 99.9% compared to 96% with manual processes. And when each error produced is costing the company money, who can afford to settle for 96% accuracy?


Time is money when you only receive payment after a project is complete. Profitability depends on rapid completion of tasks and high throughput. And manual processes, specifically those that require a high degree of attention to many details, don’t fit into this strategy.

Automated processes can quickly and reliably complete data entry in far less time, allowing companies to produce more and larger projects and help meet their output goals.

Resource Allocation

Especially for companies focused on growth, assigning team members the task of manually entering data, monitoring for errors and fixing any issues when they inevitably occur takes resources away from this objective. And as you grow, the demands will only increase.

Automated data entry software frees up your employees’ time to focus on productivity and growth related projects, and will scale with your company as you grow.

How Odyssey Can Help

Odyssey’s services were designed with the DoD supplier in mind, helping manage receipt and insertion of all data with ongoing customer support for on-time order fulfillment and timely reimbursements. Odyssey’s software automatically validates each RFID and UID to ensure its compliance and prevent errors, with an SaaS platform uptime of 99.9% to help your company meet deadlines and productivity goals.

To learn more about how Odyssey can help your business achieve high efficiency and align your business for growth, contact us today.