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Founded in 2006, Odyssey DCS aims to be a one-of-a-kind Department of Defense (DoD) commerce solution provider. Odyssey continues to stand as the only provider delivering an integrated, cross-departmental work-flow process that utilizes an efficient and effective cloud- based platform.

Odyssey is the preferred platform for hundreds of DoD commercial suppliers, non-profit government partners and federal agencies. Our partners have transformed their DoD commerce by streamlining the entire work-flow process into a review environment, rather than using manual data entry.

The Challenge: Perception, Requirements & Interaction with Unrelated Agencies

DoD suppliers are constantly challenged by evolving transactional military requirements. The data associated with these requirements, and coupled with the demands of unrelated governmental websites, often diminishes the profits of a DoD supplier’s business.

Today’s DoD commerce requires an IT platform that can make sense of requirements and provide an automated environment to easily react and respond in real-time.

Harness the Power of the Odyssey Console Platform

Odyssey provides transparency and scalability, as well as automated server-to-server integration with the purchasing, receiving and payment agencies of the DoD.

Automation of your DoD work flow process does not mean the elimination of your best assets; your people.

Odyssey transforms DoD related tasks into an efficient and effective cross-departmental work flow process by:

  • Improving resource utilization
  • Reducing errors
  • Enabling streamlined commerce and compliance measures
  • Creating labels in iRAPT Console; the core of the Odyssey platform

The data required to create labels flow through console directly to iRAPT (Invoice Receipt Acceptance and Property Transfer). Through a single point-and-click submission, the transactional loop is complete.

Why Odyssey?

The Odyssey Platform transforms DoD commerce for public and private organizations of all sizes. By harnessing the most dynamic software available through the cloud, Odyssey levels the playing field for all organizations and users.

Odyssey ensures DoD commerce and compliance is managed in real-time, with full mobility, and no forced overhead or additional IT management or support.

Odyssey Modules are implemented with three goals in mind:

  1. No manual data entry
  2. Organizational compliance and on-time receipt of payment from the DoD
  3. Eliminate the need work in multiple unrelated software applications

We are committed to our partners, and we provide continual development and forward thinking solutions that help you overcome the challenging aspects of daily DoD commerce.

Odyssey’s sole business is developing workflow process solutions for DoD suppliers. This specificity is unique, which allows us to focus on your company’s success. Working together, we will continue to build and develop Odyssey; the only cloud platform of its kind.