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The iRAPT Console module (formerly known as Wide Area Workflow) is the core of Odyssey’s DoD-approved software platform. Direct integration with the DoD, including its most recent logistics site Vendor Shipment Module (VSM), ensures Odyssey automatic receipt of all DLA awards without compromising the integrity of the data.

DLA utilizes efficient technology that other government entities do not. These non-DLA awards can be processed in Odyssey by utilizing a drop-down based input screen.

This means DoD awards of any size can be processed in less than 14 keystrokes, and two minutes within the Odyssey cloud.

How do I receive the labels?

Imagine having the ability to create ALL necessary MIL-STD 129 R (MIL-STD-129). Odyssey’s Visual Shipment Buildertm  dynamically marshals and manages RFID data. This allows for the automated creation of:

  • Item level NSN
  • Exterior container with integrated RFID
  • Military Shipping Labels from one real-time dashboard

Automation at this level eliminates wasted energy spent tracking:

  • Trailer tags
  • Spreadsheets
  • 3rd party label purchases
  • Manual data entry

Customer requirements determine Mil-Std 129 R and Mil-Std-130 N label print location. Please click here to learn more about label and hardware options.

How do I get paid from the DoD?

The Odyssey platform eliminates the need to manually enter contract or RFID data in Vendor Shipment Module (VSM) or the recently redesigned and renamed Invoices Receipt Acceptance and Property Transfer (iRAPT). After MIL-STD-129 R label creation, you are a single point & click submission away from a 100% compliant transaction loaded directly into (iRAPT).

Engaging with Odyssey enhances the pay cycle without interruption.

  • The notification process for your Quality Assurance Representative remains the same.
  • All information appears in iRAPT as if hand entered by the user.
  • iRAPT provides status updates, and Odyssey will distribute them to as many people in your facility as needed.


Product Features

  • Personalized Training and Ongoing Partner Support
  • 2 Minute and 14 Keystroke Transactions
  • 100% Mobility
  • Compliant, Transparent, Repeatable Process
  • No Software to Install, Manage, or Maintain
  • Contract Autoloader Functionality (DLA Awards Pre-Populated)
  • Unique Website for Each Organization
  • Proprietary Data Storage
  • Multi-User Functionality
  • No Additional User License Fees
  • Cloud Based Server Setup and Configuration
  • DoD Direct Integration
  • Standard and Customer Specific Label Templates
  • Automatic Generation of RFID Integrated Labels
  • Easy to Use Cube Calculator
  • All iRAPT Payment Methods Available
  • Label Reprint Functionality if Damaged or Lost
  • Eliminate Data Entry
  • Point & Click Submission Directly to iRAPT
  • Continuous Replication of Data in Real Time
  • Real-Time iRAPT Status Notification
  • Audit Compliant Transaction Record Details
  • 24/7 Access