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What is iRAPT (WAWF)?

iRAPT stands for Invoice Receipt Acceptance and Property Transfer. It is a core system used by the U.S. Department of Defense for requisitioning goods from vendors. The DoD and its suppliers use this secure, web-based system to manage shipping data, as well as invoicing and receipt information.

iRAPT used to be known as Wide Area Workflow (WAWF), but was renamed iRAPT in November of 2014. Despite the new name, many in the industry still refer to the system as WAWF.

With iRAPT/Wide Area Workflow, Accuracy Matters

The iRAPT system is part of the DoD’s e-Business Suite, and serves as the central source of UID and RFID data for any new goods being purchased and acquired by the government. RFID and UID data are the building blocks the DoD’s inventory control processes, so working with WAWF/iRAPT is a crucial part of doing business as a government supplier, no matter what goods they may have purchased from you.

The Department of Defense uses the WAWF/iRAPT system as its core reference point for accurate, current data on:

  • Which assets have been shipped
  • Which assets have been received
  • Which transactions are complete and need to be paid to individual suppliers

For defense suppliers, it’s crucial to ensure the integrity of the data you’re entering into WAWF/iRAPT. Since the DoD looks to this system to provide a single source of truth, any data inaccuracies can cause major problems.

The Importance of Compliant Labeling

The DoD has specific requirements regarding how the assets they requisition must be labeled. The data on the labels must exactly match what has been entered into the Wide Area Workflow/iRAPT database, or it can cause issues down the line. Failure to correctly label shipments can result in delays in payment, damage to your relationship as a vendor, and even penalties. Conversely, ensuring complete accuracy can help you get invoices paid faster and speed up cash flow.

Keeping up with all the DoD requirements for inputting data, tracking your assets, and labeling items and shipments appropriately brings challenges for suppliers, especially for companies that are new to working with federal agencies.

Key Challenges with iRAPT Compliance

Whether you call it iRAPT or WAWF, this system is a major element of working as a DoD supplier. But there are several key challenges, including:

  • The WAWF/iRAPT system works well for reducing the amount of paper documentation needed and for tracking requisitioned assets, but it does not help vendors manage their RFID and unique identifier (UID) data effectively or accurately.
  • Entering all your data into the system by hand can be the source of many errors – but it only takes one error to cause transactions to be rejected, or lead to other complications further along in the process.
  • iRAPT’s interface requires redundant data entry, which only increases the chances for entry errors and wastes valuable time.
  • A direct integration into WAWF/iRAPT is the best solution for managing and submitting compliant data related to shipping, RFID and UID, and invoicing, but few organizations have the resources, let alone the government-approved status, to make this a reality.

Addressing Challenges with Technology

Odyssey’s iRAPT Console software allows DoD vendors to stay in compliance with requirements while becoming more efficient and reducing the number of transaction errors. Our DoD-approved software has been designed to submit all the required information electronically through direct integration with iRAPT, and helps suppliers like you manage unique identifiers and labeling requirements while maintaining compliance with DoD standards.

Processing Awards

Direct integration with DoD systems ensures automatic receipt of all DLA awards while maintaining data integrity. Even non-DLA awards can be managed through the Console using a drop-down input screen. The software enables you to process new awards within a matter of minutes and with only a few keystrokes.

Managing Labels

Odyssey’s Visual Shipment BuilderTM collects all the data needed to create compliant RFID labels, allowing you to automate the creation of item-level NSN, exterior container labels with integrated RFID, and military shipping labels from an integrated, real-time dashboard. Automating the process of creating MIL-STD-129 R and MIL-STD-130 N saves time and increases accuracy, since redundant data entry issues are eliminated.

Receiving Payment

The Odyssey platform does not require you to manually enter any contract or RFID data into the Vendor Shipment Module (VSM) or iRAPT/WAWF. After creating any necessary labels, you simply click to submit all the required information and automatically kick off the pay cycle within iRAPT.

Combined with the increased speed and accuracy of creating labels and submitting the correct UID and RFID information through iRAPT, the end result is a compliant, efficient transaction with the best possible chance of being accepted by the DoD and paid on time, possibly even early.

Watch the video below to learn more about how Odyssey’s iRAPT Console, and how it can ensure your work within this vital component of the DoD contract process runs as smoothly as possible.