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What You Need to Know about UID Compliance

What is UID compliance?

Unique Identification (UID) labeling is used by the US Department of Defense to permanently mark equipment to track and monitor it over its lifecycle. To work as a DoD supplier, it’s necessary to comply with all mandated processes, including UID labeling and submitting UID data to iRAPT (formerly known as Wide Area Workflow, or WAWF).

Learn more about UID in this article, A Brief History of DoD UID.

Why is UID compliance important?

When companies first start working as DoD suppliers, they can often find the requisite compliance processes to be challenging. But unique item labeling helps efficiently manage logistics and track assets, making UID labeling valuable even without considering compliance requirements.

However, the compliance component should not be taken lightly by DoD suppliers. There are several requirements to keep up with, including creating end-level UID, tracking previously marked assets, embedding IUID for parent/child pedigree assembly, monitoring government-furnished property, and ensuring IUID registry compliance. Each of the steps in the process uses its own data pathways, which puts the onus on suppliers to both enter and integrate the data for each DoD transaction.

Failure to follow all the required processes and rules can result in shipping problems, payment delays, and even non-compliance penalties – all of which can cost you money and damage your relationship as a government vendor.

How to make UID compliance easier

Accurate labeling is a critical element of maintaining UID compliance, but can often be time-consuming and confusing. That’s why it’s important to find a DoD-approved software to help manage this process more efficiently.

With the right software solution, UID-related tasks can be streamlined to reduce user error and redundancies. Odyssey’s software provides IUID modules to simplify this process, and our system has been designed to scale with DoD requirements as they evolve.

The data required for successful IUID transactions is easy to create within Odyssey’s software, or you can quickly import it in a compliant format. In addition, Odyssey IUID is easily distributable to any handheld device or PC throughout your organization, which allows for the creation and verification of embedded IUID pedigree consistent with the current two-level iRAPT acceptance.

If your organization requires a more robust IUID solution, you can use Odyssey’s IUID Registry integration tool. This add-on solution allows companies to:

  • Query UID data
  • Submit end-level and embedded UID
  • Accept ownership of government furnished property
  • Add and edit lifecycle events through the intuitive interface integrated directly with the IUID registry

Odyssey solutions for IUID compliance give your organization a competitive edge by drastically simplifying the complex compliance processes required for DoD suppliers. We guarantee automated, compliant, and accepted transactions in real time, improving efficiency and reducing friction throughout the process.

Product Features

Standard UID Edition Embedded UID Edition UID Registry Interface
Personalized Training and Ongoing Partner Support
100% Mobility
IUID Generation (DoD Constructs, ISO15434 and ISO15418)
IUID Management
Direct Part Mark Creation
Real-Time Registry Verification
Concatenated UII Export File
IUID Import to Odyssey (Compliant File Structure)
IUID Unit Pack Label Creation
Manufacturing Process Integration
Advanced Handheld Capabilities
Integrated iRAPT Management and Submission
Real-Time Marrying of Parent to Child Relationships
IUID Pedigree Import to Odyssey
Manage Parent to Child Relationships
Upload IUID Pedigree to iRAPT
Direct UID Registry Interface
Add Pedigree Not Accepted by iRAPT (Levels 3 and Beyond)
Manage All Life Cycle Events
Manage Custodial Changes During Contractual Services
Upload New Part Numbers and Retire Old
Maintain All Pedigree Associations