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Case Studies

We are proud to partner with hundreds of DoD commercial suppliers, non-profit government partners and federal agencies. See complimentary case studies of our work.

Peckham Apparel Manufacturing

With Odyssey, Peckham enjoys a more user-friendly, quicker labeling and shipping process, enabling them to efficiently supply garments to different branches of the military.

This case study reveals the following:case study for odyssey by peckham apparel

  • How to speed up labeling and shipping processes
  • How to give your team a more user-friendly and efficient workflow
  • Why having a responsive business partner ensures continued success

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Our work with 3M features the value of integrated defense commerce solutions for DoD suppliers.

This case study reveals the following:2000px-3m_wordmark-svg

  • Importance of compliant DoD labels
  • True cost of rejected shipments and proof of delivery complications
  • Why ABVS scores are important to DoD suppliers
  • Cost saving measures for DoD suppliers
  • How to increase DoD award revenue for your organization

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Supplies Now

Our work with Supplies Now features the value of integrated data solutions for GSA suppliers facing EDI and Label compliance

This case study reveals the following:

  • Importance of a single point of data consumption and EDI
  • How to ensure compliance from a label perspective
  • Value of an integrated streamlined process
  • How to get paid on time

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Perkins Technical Services, Inc.

Our work with PTS features the value of integrated RFID and UID solutions for DoD suppliers.

This case study reveals the following:pts-image

  • Importance of automated award receipt
  • True impact of a manual process
  • How effective software allows companies to save money while doing more work
  • Why having a reliable business partner in the DoD space is so important

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Veteran First Energy

Our work with VFE highlights the value Odyssey brings to its small business partners

This case study reveals the following:

  • Hurdles small business must overcome
  • Importance of an action plan to grow the organization
  • How efficient software helps a company do more with less
  • Why reducing errors on the front end saves time throughout the process

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Our work with heart&core reinforces the importance of having a trusted partner to navigate the steep learning curve that comes with DLA contract awards.

This case study reveals the following:

  • Efficiency gains of using the right scanning equipment and tracking software
  • How to keep shipments running on schedule
  • Importance of reliable and in-depth customer support

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Kessler Soils

Our work with Kessler Soils Engineering showcases the benefits of using software to manage the complex processes of working with the DoD, and the value of having a responsive, dedicated business partner.

This case study reveals the following:

  • How to ensure compliant, efficient DoD contract management processes
  • How to improve cash flow from DoD contracts
  • Why having responsive, knowledgeable support makes a difference

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