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Item Level RFID

Odyssey’s full suite of solutions includes its proprietary Item Level RFID program, designed and scaled specifically for your production facility.

Please contact Odyssey to determine which solution is right for your organization’s current and future needs.


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Odyssey VIM-ASAP_Item Level RFID

Odyssey VIM-ASAP_Item Level RFID solution was designed so any size organization could meet the requirements and intended use of Item Level RFID.

  • Create hang tag or item labels with integrated RFID
  • Create and associate item labels with an RFID case label
  • Electronically submit the RFID shipment pedigree to VIM
  • Create and associate RFID case and pallet labels

Odyssey Aggre-StationTM

Odyssey Aggre-StationTM is a custom manufactured solution that is:

  • Economical
  • Efficient
  • Designed for the mid-volume production facility
  • High-density packaging

The Aggre-StationTM arrives fully equipped with:

  • Touch screen automation
  • Integrated data collections
  • Exception handling

Odyssey Aggre-Gator ConveyorTM

Odyssey Aggre-Gator ConveyorTM unit is custom manufactured using:

  • Next-level proprietary design
  • High-strength steel
  • Powder coat finish for durability in a full production environment

The Aggre-Gator ConveyorTM arrives fully equipped with:

  • Touch screens which eliminate a keyboard and mouse
  • Visual & audible notifications
  • Integrated headphone system connected to Odyssey support