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Odyssey Overview

Imagine how efficient your company could be if you didn’t have to manually enter data or log into multiple websites and platforms to complete a DoD transaction. That’s where we come in.



Odyssey IUID Module Overview Video
DoD requirements are always changing. Odyssey helps you stay up to date.



Eliminate the Search and Sift Process
Odyssey’s proprietary software seeks to eliminate the sift and search process with the DLA-Bid Console.



Create Compliant Labels Easily
Gone are the days of headaches caused by using unrelated tools to create compliant labels. Filling any DoD order is just a few clicks away with Odyssey’s iRAPT Console.



Create Compliant Labels with Odyssey’s DoD Approved Software
The process of creating asset-specific item or unit labels is no longer slow, confusing or disorganized. All you need is four numbers and Odyssey’s DoD approved software.



Squash Errors
Human error. It happens to all of us. Odyssey’s software can automatically marshal the data and validate the uniqueness of each UID to ensure its compliancy right away.



Submit Shipment and Invoice Information
We’ve created a “transmit iRAPT documents” feature into our iRAPT Console, making it easier than ever to submit shipment and invoice information.