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The Odyssey Platform’s features transform DoD commerce for public and private organizations of all sizes. By harnessing the most dynamic software available through the cloud, Odyssey levels the playing field for all organizations and users.

Our products ensure that you are able to manage DoD commerce and compliance in real-time, with full mobility, and no forced overhead or additional IT management or support.

We are committed to our partners. We provide continual development and forward-thinking solutions to help you overcome the challenging aspects of daily DoD commerce. Working together, we will continue to build and develop Odyssey; the only cloud platform of its kind.

Odyssey Features and Benefits

Internet based (cloud computing solution) – There is no software to install, manage or maintain, as well as no updates to purchase, no disks to load, and no internal IT specialists needed to support Odyssey.

Multiple User License – Odyssey is licensed by cage code, rather than users, and functions with multiple users working in real-time performing integrated tasks.

No data entry – Odyssey is a government-approved Value Added Network (VAN), therefore award data is delivered directly to Odyssey, eliminating the need for any opportunity for error.

Customer Directed Functionality – Odyssey’s scalable architecture allows the customer to determine specific points of efficiency.

Visual Shipment Builder TM – Odyssey’s one-of-a-kind, dynamic application captures its power. It allows a user to create partial, palletized, kitting, intermediate container, and multi-pack shipments while marshaling and managing the unique RFID information required. A user can create 1000 transaction-based RFID labels as easily as it is to create one.

Cross Departmental Functionality – Contract Department and Sales, Shipping and Logistics and Accounting all work in real-time to complete DoD commerce. There’s no redundant data entry, no handing off of documentation, and no opportunity for error.

Government Approved Labels – Odyssey’s unique work-flow process solution ensures that labels are created automatically and are compliant.

IUID Compliance – Customers can use three requirement-based modules to choose what their organization needs. Creation of IUID labels, the use of data collection services, importing of IUID pedigree and submission to WAWF provide scalability to fit any process.

Reporting – Odyssey offers a myriad of reports notifying management of transaction status, completed work, expected revenue, market analysis, competition survey, won/loss record. The DoD process becomes transparent from RFQ notification through WAWF submission.

Elimination of WAWF – Direct DoD integration eliminates the need to work in the WAWF web interface. All transactions continue to populate the web interface as if hand entered.

Error Reduction – Direct integration coupled with limiting a transaction to 14 keystrokes drastically reduces the opportunity for error.

Eliminate AR Days Outstanding – Successful submission to WAWF based on data integrity and error reduction all but eliminates any accounts receivable days outstanding.

Automatic ‘Free’ Updates – Working closely with the DoD, Odyssey implements and distributes all upcoming changes to Military Standards and WAWF protocol throughout the cloud, prior to public roll out. Customers do not have to purchase updates to licensed modules.

Training and Support – Odyssey does not charge for any training; ever. We will train as many designated users, as many times as needed for the life of the relationship.

Storage of Data – Each transaction meets DoD storage standards and auditing requirements. Odyssey created transactions are retrievable, 24 hours a day, seven days a week; time, date and stamped, providing all pertinent transaction data including RFID and UID information.

Standardization – The Odyssey platform creates a compliant, transparent, repeatable, process while eliminating the logistical underground.  This ensures that the DoD process is standardized.