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The Odyssey DLA Bid Console utilizes the most dynamic technology available to deliver private and public revenue opportunities in real-time.

Bidding relies on a comprehensive and efficient process, which is why Odyssey has developed a tool based on receipt and review, rather than search and sift.

User-managed filters within the DLA Bid Console organize all pertinent opportunities for display in a real-time, dashboard. All tasks are completed in the dashboard, creating a simple process. You can complete the following in the dashboard:

  • Research
  • Pricing requests
  • Submission to DLA
  • Subsequent award tracking and reporting

The Quick BidTM feature is part of the DLA Bid Console and is designed for a high-volume environment, where multiple people can perform tasks at once in real-time. You can review, complete and submit RFQ’s in less than one minute.

Product Features

  • Personalized Training and Ongoing Partner Support
  • 100% Mobility
  • Compliant, Transparent, Repeatable Process
  • No Software to Install, Manage, or Maintain
  • Unique Website for Each Organization
  • Proprietary Data Storage
  • Multi-User Functionality
  • No Additional User License Fees
  • Real-Time Dashboard Notification
  • Cloud Based Server Setup and Configuration
  • DoD Direct Integration
  • Quick Bid
  • NSN/Part Number Auto Match
  • Internal RFQ Creator
  • Past Award History by NSN or Cage Code
  • Pre-Submission Review for Accuracy with Auto Scrub
  • RFQ Status Report Management
  • Robust Reporting Tools
  • Competitive Market Analysis Capabilities
  • 24/7 Access