We’ve already written about Odyssey’s iRAPT Console and its ease of use, so let’s move on to label creation: Odyssey’s NSN Label Manager streamlines the process of compliant Mil-Std 129 r DoD labels by standardizing the creation of asset-specific item labels. What’s most impressive about the Label Manager is that the user doesn’t have to manage any templates. Once the desired NSN is chosen, Odyssey’s system automatically populates everything needed to print a Mil-Std 129 r compliant label. Should the NSN or Unit label require shelf life markings such as lot, batch or manufactured date data; the system presents an easy input area. No longer is the process of creating asset-specific item or unit labels slow, confusing or disorganized. All you literally need is four numbers and Odyssey’s DoD approved software. Check out the video below to see how it works.