The United States military is one of the most technologically advanced organizations around the world, allowing it to constantly monitor for threats to America’s wellbeing, both home and abroad. And besides having the power to gather this important information, it also protects its data with the latest techniques to maximize usability, ensure quick access and combat security threats from cybercriminals.

Staying informed on all the latest ways the U.S. military is managing and protecting its data is a wise decision for business owners keen on security, who might be interested to learn about a new development in data security from the Defense Logistics Agency.

Introducing the new Enterprise Data Management Division

According to a recent article, the DLA is preparing for data analytics to be the weapon of the future by building a new enterprise data management division. The new division will focus on seven different goals for DLA data, namely making it visible, accessible, understandable, linked, trustworthy, interoperable and secure. The objective is to accelerate data maturity to empower the DLA to be ready at a moment’s notice to make data-driven business decisions.

When asked why, after decades of data management, the process suddenly requires more resources, DLA chief data and analytics officer Lindsey Saul replied that modern data strategies require a new approach.

“In today’s day and age, where data is deemed a weapon – or they even say data analytics platform is almost like a weapon system of the future for the Department of Defense – we really need to be prepared and equipped to have access to our data very quickly, be able to understand our data, and not do what we’ve done in the past, which is really rely on a single person who has all the knowledge. And instead, we need to make sure that it’s well documented, we have the right data dictionaries in place, the correct metadata and metadata management tools to link the lineage of the data to the present day.”

Fast data access is key to achieving success

According to Saul, accomplishing this goal is conducive for performing cross functional applications and collaborations with other organizations. She points to the DLA’s response to the Ukraine crisis, when it was able to quickly access data and build a number of resources for people whose lives were endangered in just a few days. Or create applications in conjunction with the Department of Health and Human Services to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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