Suppliers to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) know that producing accurate RFID labels for shipments is only the first step in meeting the DoD’s compliance requirements. The rest of the process includes matching shipments to contract numbers and orders, generating the documentation for each shipment and electronically submitting it to the DoD’s Invoice Receipt Acceptance and Property Transfer database known as iRAPT (formerly known as Wide Area Workflow) and other computer systems.

Data management is a common problem for many suppliers. We hear your concerns and want to help. Did you know there’s a software solution to handle data entry, encoding, label printing and reporting needs through a user-friendly web-based application for data entry? And, even better, it connects to reliable Zebra printers and encoders and outputs compliant shipping labels, helping companies successfully conduct DoD commerce in an efficient and compliant manner. We handle all of the tedious and frustrating tasks that come along with printing DoD labels, so you can focus on everything else.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong.

Our service simplifies DoD reporting requirements for suppliers by eliminating most data management activities. Instead of entering numerous contract numbers, contractor ID and item codes, suppliers use drop-down menus to prepare and submit shipment information to the DoD. Suppliers then have the option of using our service bureau to print shipping labels or to produce them on site with their own Zebra printer/encoder. About one-third of users choose to have ODYSSEY print and ship their smart labels, and the rest printing on site.  The option to use ODYSSEY’s service bureau is helpful for companies that might only need printers for one client or even just one order.

With hosted software and off-site printing and encoding, users do not need to install or maintain any hardware or software to meet their DoD compliance requirements. Suppliers simply make selections from validated pull-down lists, and the software handles the rest. The best part? The software ensures that all labels are produced completely compliant, meeting DoD standards.

While we support a variety of manufacturers for existing printers, we only sell Zebra to customers who are looking to purchase new printers. Zebra offers high-quality printers, which is why it is the only brand we trust with our clients’ printing needs.  You can check out more about the printers and hardware options we offer here and here.