Picture this: Your company is in charge of distributing aircraft parts to the Department of Defense. To start the process, you log onto a free government website and start manually entering data and characters for the shipping labels. Then you log onto an unrelated government website and enter the same data. Then, you reach for the RFID labels that were purchased for way too much money. This is followed by the next website, and then the next website. You get the idea. It’s a redundant process. You finally get all of the data entered, but you didn’t notice that you transposed a number while entering your data on the second government website. Months later, after not being paid for the shipment, you realize there was an error. Now, you’re forced to retrace your steps to figure out where the mistake was made. This process could take months and cost you valuable time and a lot of money.

Your shipment fell into a black hole because of a breakdown in the supply chain. We call this “frustrated freight”.

Frustrated freight, also referred to as frustrated cargo is commonly defined as, “Any shipment of supplies and/or equipment that, while en route to destination, is stopped prior to receipt and for which further disposition instructions must be obtained.” The DoD has determined that frustrated freight is a serious issue. However, it’s completely avoidable.

This is where we come in.

We help your employees do their jobs more accurately and efficiently, while saving your company time and money. We provide an integrated, cross-departmental work-flow process that utilizes an efficient and effective cloud- based platform. It completely transforms our partners’ DoD commerce by streamlining the entire process, turning manual data entry into a review environment.

We also know that you and other DoD suppliers have to keep up with evolving transactional military requirements. This can be challenging, especially combined with the demands that come with using unrelated government websites and services. Today’s DoD commerce requires an IT platform that can make sense of these evolving requirements and provide an automated setting that you can easily react and respond to in real-time.

Every day, companies suffer from frustrated freight because of incorrect labels, inconsistent data, and other mistakes. If you’d like to learn more about us and see a demo of our products and services, contact us here.