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Case Study


JTF Gov was founded in 1987 as a supplier of office equipment and services for business, government and educational institutions. Since then, it has evolved to a document security company, helping organizations securely streamline and modernize workflows within their print environment, while leveraging existing infrastructure. JTF has steadily grown to over 70 employees and independent contractors and was recognized by INC 500 as one of the Fastest Growing Companies in the country.


Due to its geographical location in the National Capitol region, working with the DoD to provide service on office equipment was a regular occurrence. In 2009, JTF obtained a GSA contract that steadily increased the frequency of DoD work. Later in 2018, the company partnered with an ITES 3H contract holder, and the relationship grew even more so that the majority of JTF’s business was DoD oriented.

While JTF enjoyed the stability of its DoD work, as well as the ease of the contracting process, challenges soon arose related to the location of some of the DoD’s service points located outside of the continental United States. In addition, JTF experienced difficulties with not being able to gain access to the DoD network. The large amount of manual data entry required to complete and track orders delayed invoicing, further compounding the problem. JTF began sourcing solutions and was informed of the benefits of using electronic data interchange (EDI) by another customer. After searching for options, JTF found that Odyssey DCS not only offered the best price but was currently available through one of its established vendors.


  • Enhance transaction security
  • Ensure record accuracy/ eliminate manual entry
  • Increase operational efficiency to handle larger volumes
  • Improve business cycle speeds

How Odyssey helps

Odyssey integrated into JTF’s processes seamlessly, offering easy-to-learn features that immediately saved time and eliminated the need to log into the GSA secure portal (barring any serious issues with an order). Odyssey’s system automated formerly manual processes, including order acknowledgement, tracking and invoicing, while also effectively organizing associated information for easy progress tracking and reference.


After the Odyssey integration, JTF realized time and cost savings immediately. As a result, the company can collect on completed jobs quicker, with automated invoice generation and advanced shipment notices to eliminate manual entry of tracking numbers.

“Orders are filled in a shorter time frame, which has made our busy season more manageable,” said JTF IT Support Lead, Kerri Neuman. “Tracking and invoicing are also done closer to real time, which results in a smoother running contract. Since using Odyssey, we are more prepared to handle large volumes and can designate single people to a project, allowing our employees to fill other needs in the company.”