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Case Study

Percipient Mfg


Percipient Manufacturing LLC was founded in June 2022 to help manufacturers avoid costly and frustrating bureaucracy by managing their aftermarket defense business, giving them peace of mind so that they can focus their time and resources elsewhere. Percipient works to engineer, manufacture, and source quality products that meet the needs of the end-user and ensure their fleets are always ready.



“Waiting for growth before preparing to scale is a costly misstep.”

  • Derek Ashcroft, President, Percipient Manufacturing LLC

Before starting the company, the team at Percipient thought of scenarios that could cause issues for the business in the future. They looked at the various government portals and associated turnaround times they would need to meet to land government contracts, and saw a challenge. Prior employers of the team had used various alternate tools and processes to fulfill orders directly to government portals, but all seemed cumbersome.

Knowing this could be an issue, the team needed to set up the critical infrastructure to help them meet their projections for years in the future. Percipient intended to tackle the challenge of connecting suppliers to the government through a data-centric approach; a software solution was core to the business model.



  • Communicate directly with government portals
  • Simplify workflows and allow the team to specialize in functions
  • Manage transactions from both supplier partners and DLA
  • Handle orders daily through a streamlined workflow


How Odyssey helps

Percipient implemented the Odyssey system almost immediately upon opening its doors. Since then, the day-to-day management of labeling and shipping has become drastically simplified. Odyssey’s enhanced bid console afforded the team a higher level of customization. Percipient’s processes are continually refined, and the ability to reshape the software for various use cases keeps it fit for use. The options to include Percipient’s branding and improvements in front-end solicitation allows the team to increase throughput without increasing overhead.

In addition to speeding up order processing, Odyssey’s streamlined workflow is less prone to error since less typing is required. Moreover, the data lookup features even allow users to quickly catch potential mistakes without referring to the contract.

The Odyssey platform is integral to the day-to-day operations of Percipient Manufacturing as it is the primary transactional software for dealing with both supplier partners and DLA. Additional resources, proprietary tools, and methods are used, but the data and function the Odyssey platform delivers are second-to-none.



Odyssey allowed Percipient to increase the number of opportunities pursued every day by nearly tenfold compared with traditional methods, which are still prevalent in the industry.

Percipient Manufacturing is actively engaging with new supplier partners to help reduce frustration, free up time, and improve the results they see from working with the Defense Department. As more suppliers are onboarded, transactional volume increases and Percipient will utilize Odyssey to ensure each supplier gets excellent standardized support and no opportunity is overlooked. Ultimately, the warfighter will benefit from Percipient’s responsiveness and product support due to Odyssey Defense Contracting Solutions.