As a busy contractor for the Department of Defense, it can be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations of your business. After all, there’s so much to worry about; from labeling or data entry errors causing shipment delays or refused shipments, to simply submitting your invoices correctly to ensure on-time payment for your work. While these are all legitimate concerns essential to keeping your business in operation and profitable, there is also a larger purpose to your role in the overall wellbeing and readiness of our country’s armed forces. Our service members rely on supplies from DoD contractors to be able to perform their functions effectively and maintain their readiness to deploy should the need arise. There are also few other times when this need has been more critical than now, when supplies are particularly hard to procure.

Supply chain woes affect our military too

Just like in the private sector, the Department of Defense is also suffering from the impacts of supply chain shortages. According to a recent article, scarce supplies of raw materials affect certain products, especially those containing microchips, aluminum and textiles. But there are also shortages in electronics, athletic footwear, clothing and appliances that our service members rely on to maintain their alacrity. These problems are further compounded by shipping delays due to container shortages, COVID-related factory shutdowns and port congestion, as well as driver availability affecting truck and rail capacities.

How can DoD contractors help?

Partnering with Odyssey to automate data entry, and expedite shipping and invoicing isn’t only a wise business decision that will save you money and time. Removing human error from the equation by using a solution specifically designed for interfacing with DoD systems is the best way for contractors to help combat the current supply chain shortages and shipping delays, ensuring our troops are in the best possible position to carry out their important duties.

To learn more about how Odyssey can help your business do its part ensuring our troops are well prepared during the supply chain shortage, contact us today.