Perhaps since the invention of the wheel, humankind has always sought a better way to get the job done. It’s our evolutionary drive that makes us want to find ways to work smarter instead of harder, and constantly seek better ways of doing things. When it comes to the workplace, innovation has made the impossible possible, enabling progress and levels of production never seen before.

However, somewhere in the process of innovation making our tasks easier and our outputs greater, some industries experienced this very technology starting to cut the human factor out of the equation. Workers found that the tools brought in to make their jobs easier were now fully replacing them. While this does in fact happen from time to time, it is essential for companies looking to maintain their competitive edge not to write off all technology that can help create efficiencies for fear of it replacing staff. Some technology was created to work alongside staff, enabling them to accomplish more and improve the overall productivity of the team, and Odyssey is a perfect example.

Here are three reasons not to fear efficiency tools like Odyssey.

Odyssey is just another tool in your tool belt

Technology is inescapable today. From digital scanners and cash registers to desktop computers, it’s hard to find a workplace that doesn’t use some form of technology to help make things easier and faster. Yet accountants don’t fear Excel taking their jobs, just as reporters don’t fear Microsoft Word. Like Odyssey, these efficiency tools take some of the legwork out of workers’ everyday job functions, allowing them time back to perform additional tasks.

Having only one person able to perform a task is dangerous for the company

It isn’t uncommon for employees to gravitate toward the tasks that complement their talents and skills. But specializing to the point where a single employee is the only one who can perform a function that is critical to the lifeblood of the company is a recipe for disaster. In these cases, avoiding using efficiency tools like Odyssey to “protect” one’s job has really only placed the entire company in jeopardy. Odyssey makes shipping and labeling processes transparent for the company, removing the dangerous logistical underground.

Odyssey needs someone to drive the bus

Odyssey is not an autonomous program. Rather, it was designed to work alongside a team, removing errors and inefficiencies, giving the team a competitive advantage, and making the leader who implemented it look smart. Odyssey will always require users to initiate and complete its processes.

Especially in times such as these, it is unwise for any company not to use all the assets available to streamline work processes, eliminate inefficiencies and make the company as competitive as possible- especially if your goal is to protect your staff’s jobs.

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